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Wuxi Zhanghua Pharmaceutical Equipment Co Ltd was founded in 1976 committed to researching developing and manufacturing reaction crystallization filtration drying equipment With the development of the leading technologies for 44 years our engineering equipment is not only for the pharmaceutical industry but also for fine chemicals pesticides new energy new materials and other industries We customize the integrated solution of reaction crystallization filtration and drying process equipment for clients Our technical team is composed of quality assurance engineers process engineers equipment engineers welding engineers and electrical engineers and most of them have working experience and...

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Metal Bellows and Mechanical Seal

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Vacuum DryerHigh Speed AtomizerV Type Powder MixerRotary CrystallizerStatic CrystallizerVacuum CrystallizerLiquid Storage TankWater Storage TanksMixing Storage TankBest Mixing MachineDouble Cone BlenderW Shape CrystallizerCrystallization TankStirred Tank ReactorGlass Nutsche FilterThin Film EvaporatorMovable Storage TankVacuum Drying SystemNutsche Filter DryerSpray Drying MachinePowder Blender MixerPowder Mixer MachineTube Heat ExchangersHeat Exchange SystemTwo In One EquipmentShell Heat ExchangerMedical Mixing DryerJJ Type CrystallizerOther Chemical DryerIndustry Spray DryerAutomatic Rake DryerTapered Vacuum MixerJacketed Lab ReactorPaddle Blender DryerVacuum Dryer MachineV Shape Powder MixerPowder Tapered MixerV-type Mixer MachineHot Air Drying OvensPowder Mixing MachineGlass Reaction KettleAgitated Vacuum DryerJacketed Glass VesselVacuum Nutsche FilterIndustrial Dryer OvenHigh Pressure ReactorChemical Storage TankParr Agitator ReactorReactor With AgitatorAgitator Liquid MixerVacuum Drying MachineAgitated Tank ReactorRotary Drying MachineElectric Rotary DryerAgitated Filter DryerBlender Mixer MachineTubuler Heat ExchangeLaboratory Tray DryerAutomatic Spray DryerStainless Steel MixerCrystallizer EquipmentAgitated Vacuum FilterCustomized Vacuum OvenHot Air Drying MachineBlender Mixing MachineSpray Drying EquipmentFlexible Metal BellowsFiltering Washing UnitFlanged Vacuum BellowsDouble Mechanical Sealvertical tapered mixerThree in One EquipmentNutsche Filter ReactorAutomatic Paddle DryerJacketed Glass ReactorLiquid CrystallizationVacuum Dryer For FruitChemical Storage TanksHarrow Type Rake DryerSpray Dryer IndustrialFruit Vacuum Oven DryerChemical Mixing ReactorChemical Drying MachineVacuum Drying EquipmentCustomized Storage TankPressure Vessel ReactorCorn Syrup Storage TankChemical Hot Air SystemStainless Steel ReactorHeat Transfer EquipmentAgitated Nutsche FilterJacketed Nutsche FilterPressure Nutsche FilterRotary Blending MachineFalling Film EvaporatorIndustrial Vacuum DryerContinuous Vacuum DryerLaboratary Reactor TankVacuum Drying MachineryAgitator Mechanical SealDouble Cone Vacuum DryerJacketed Reaction KettleRotary Cone Vacuum DryerChemical JJ CrystallizerChemical Reaction KettleDouble Cone Rotary DryerChemical Blender MachineDouble Cone Powder MixerVacuum Hydraulic BellowsChemical CrystallizationAgitated Film EvaporatorPowder Homogenizer MixerChemical Process ReactorW-Type Crystallizer TankHot Air Circulating OvenBalanced Mechanical SealIndustrial Mixer MachineIndustry JJ CrystallizerRotary Vacuum Rake DryerStir System Seeding TankConical Mixing EquipmentSeeding Tank With StirrerSingle Conic CrystallizerShell Tube Heat ExchangerConical Homogenizer MixerOil Cooler Heat ExchangerMixing Crystallizing TankJJ Crystallizer EquipmentHigh Quality CrystallizerHot Air Circulating DryerHigh-quality Vacuum DryerHigh-quality Seeding TankPharmaceutical Tray DryerHot Air Cycle Drying OvenIndustrial Heat ExchangerW-Type Crystallizing TankCrystallization EquipmentAir Cooled Heat ExchangerLaboratory Glass ReactionHexane Industrial ReactorAgitator Jacketed ReactorIndustrial Vacuum ReactorBiological Fermenting TankStainless Steel Rake DryerPharmaceutical Spray DryerW Shape Crystallizing TankMobile Mixing Storage TankIndustrial Film EvaporatorConical Screw Vacuum DryerCustomized Film EvaporatorVacuum Bellows With FlangeStainless Steel BioreactorIndustrial CrystallizationSmall Rotary Conical DryerSalt Solution CrystallizerNutsche Filter Dryer PriceVacuum Static CrystallizerJacketed Fermentation TankContinuous Stirred ReactorRotary Vacuum Paddle DryerCE Approved Heat ExchangerVacuum Crystallizer WorkingMultifunctional Drying UnitCustomizable Heat ExchangerFruit Vacuum Drying MachineLaboratory Jacketed ReactorU-Shape mixing vacuum dryerBest Price for Filter DryerDouble Face Mechanical SealU Shape Mixing Vacuum DryerCrystallization In PharmacyEvaporative JJ CrystallizerPharmaceutical Storage TankSanitary Liquid Buffer TankStainless Steel Spray DryerIndustrial Tray Dryer PriceBioreactor With Sight GlassDouble Conical Vacuum DryerRotary Conic Drying MachineStainless Steel Seeding TankStainless Steel Rotary DryerChemical Static CrystallizerVacuum Rotary Drying MachineBiological Fermentation TankStainless Steel CrystallizerIndustria Conic CrystallizerSmall Vacuum Dryer For FruitLarge Capacity Tapered MixerStainless Steel Storage TankHigh Precision Tapered MixerSmall Agitated Nutsche FilterAgitated Nutsche Filter DryerStainless Steel Reactor PriceChemical Nutsche Filter DryerJacketed Glass Reactor VesselIndustrial Vacuum Drying OvenRotary Powder Blender MachineIndustrial Cabinet Tray DryerAutomatic Vacuum Harrow DryerOther Chemical Drying MachineHigh Pressure Reaction VesselPharmaceutical Drying MachineEnergy Saving JJ CrystallizerPressure Vessels Storage TankVacuum Crystallizer PrincipleEquipment For CrystallizationStir System Fermentation TankIndustrial Static CrystallizerStainless Steel Reactor VesselWorking Of Vacuum CrystallizerDouble Conical Mixer EquipmentJacket Crystallization ReactorStainless Steel Cryogenic TankContinuous Vacuum CrystallizerSilicon Carbide Heat ExchangerIndustrial Vacuum CrystallizerStainless Steel Vacuum BellowsHot Air Circulation Tray DryerStainless Steel Nutsche FilterStainless Steel Heat ExchangerVacuum Agitated Nutsche FilterPharmaceutical CrystallizationHorizontal Static CrystallizerRotary Vacuum Drying EquipmentPharmaceutical JJ CrystallizerCustomization Homogenizer MixerPharmaceutical Vacuum EquipmentContinuous JJ Type CrystallizerOther Chemical Drying EquipmentStainless Steel Reaction VesselStainless Steel Reaction KettleEnergy Saving Double-Cone DryerDouble Conical Type Dryer MixerHigh Quality Vacuum Food DryersVacuum Dryer for PharmaceuticalConical Screw Homogenizer MixerTapered Mixer/Homogenizer MixerContinuous Stirred Tank ReactorAgitated Nutsche Filter WorkingIndustrial Crystallization TankHigh Efficiency JJ CrystallizerPharmaceutical Chemical ReactorAgitator Double Mechanical SealDouble Cone Rotary Vacuum DryerElectric Heating Reaction KettleNew-type Horizontal CrystallizerDouble Conic Rotary Vacuum DryerPressure Vessel Jacketed ReactorPharmaceutical Double Cone DryerStainless Steel Pressure ReactorSingle Conic Rotary CrystallizerJacketed Agitated Nutsche FilterStainless Steel Jacketed ReactorStainless Steel Chemical ReactorIndustrial Crystallizer EquipmentChemical Hot Air Circulating OvenVacuum Double Cone Mixing MachineMetal Bellows and Mechanical SealLow Temperature Vacuum Tray DryerHigh Efficiency Double-Cone DryerStainless Steel Fermentation TankMultifunctional Double-Cone DryerProfessional Nutsche Filter DryerDouble Cone Rotating Vacuum DrierTechnology-leading Heat ExchangerThermal Fluid SIC Heat ExchangersSeparator Agitated Nutsche FilterChemical Blender Mixing EquipmentLab Stainless Steel Nutsche FilterNutsche Filter Dryer Machine PriceFiltering Washing Drying EquipmentChemical Vacuum Crystallizing TankCustomizable SIC Heating ExchangerSafety Level Chemical CrystallizerStainless Steel Crystallizing TankIndustrial Evaporative CrystallizerCustomized Hot Air Drying EquipmentAnfd / Agitated Nutsche Filter DryeRotary Falling Thin Film EvaporatorStainless Steel Liquid Storage TankStainless Steel Mixing CrystallizerDouble Cone Vacuum Drier for PharmaChemical Machinery Drying EquipmentCrystallization Tank With AgitationCrystallizer Tank for PharmaceuticalDouble-Cone Rotary Dryer With BladesStainless Steel Double Conical DryerCrystallization Tank With InsulationChemical Vacuum JJ Type CrystallizerEnergy Saving Crystallizer EquipmentContinuous Crystallization EquipmentMultifunctional Rotary Conical DryerStainless Steel JJ Type CrystallizerAgitated Vacuum Nutsche Filter DryerStainless Steel Condenser EvaporatorsVacuum Nutsche Stainless Steel FilterVacuum Horizontal Static CrystallizerIndustrial Heating Crystallizing TankRotary Vacuum Drying Unit With BladesVacuum Dryer For Fruit And VegetablesEnergy Saving Horizontal CrystallizerPharmaceutical Industrial Mixing TankHigh Efficiency Crystallizer EquipmentHot Air Fruit Vegetable Drying MachinePharmaceutical Industry Nutsche FilterStainless Steel Crystallizer EquipmentDrying Equipment For Chemical IndustryFiltering Washing And Drying EquipmentTray Dryer for Pharmaceutical IndustryRotary Dryer Conical Mixer With BladesPharmaceutical Double Cone Vacuum DryerFermentation Tank With Mixer BioreactorIndustrial Stainless Steel CrystallizerMultifunctional Drying Unit With BladesHigh Efficiency Horizontal CrystallizerPharmaceutical Hot Air Circulating OvenStainless Steel Homogenizer Mixer/DryerMultifunctional Double-Cone Rotary DryerCustomized Multifunctional Conical DryerAnfd Vacuum Agitated Nustle Filter DryerMechanical Seal For Reactor And AgitatorTechnology-leading SIC Heating ExchangerStainless Steel Chemical Reaction KettleStainless Steel Jacketed Reaction KettleStainless Steel Crystallization EquipmentInsulation and Cooling Crystallizing TankChemical Industry Vacuum Drying EquipmentIndustrial Filtration Nutsche Filter DryerContinuous Rotary Vacuum Dryer With BladesHigh Pressure Biological Fermentation TankIndustrial Rotary Vacuum Dryer With BladesChemical Extraction Nutsche Filter MachineNutsche Filter Dryer System Stainless SteelPharmaceutical Biological Fermentation TankNutsche Filtration Filter Filtering MachineMultifunctional Rotary Vacuum Conical DryerPharmaceutical Reactor with ASME CertificateHigh Efficiency & Energy Saving CrystallizerPharmaceutical Process Vessels- CrystallizerStainless Steel Biological Fermentation TankStainless Steel Agitated Nutsche Filter DryerChemical Vacuum Agitated Nutsche Filter DryerPharmaceutical Silicon Carbide Heat ExchangerStainless Steel Horizontal Static CrystallizerHastelloy Vacuum Agitated Nutsche Filter DryerCritical Operation Agitated Nutsche Filter DryerAgitated Nutsche Filtration Filter Dryer Machine
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