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The working method of Nutsche Filter Dryer


Nutsche Filter Dryer can replace filtration and Drying Equipment at the same time, and complete the whole process of filtration, washing, drying and solid unloading in the same equipment.Widely used in chemical, pesticide, food and other industries, is a filter drying equipment.Can realize the whole closed, the whole process of continuous operation production, more suitable for aseptic requirements of products and toxic products production.

The device is cylindrical in the middle and conical in the two ends.At the top of the cone, there is an inlet and outlet interface and a manhole. At one end, there is a fast-opening interface for feeding, which is connected with metal hoses.The other end is equipped with a metal sintering net filter device, and the suction outlet is connected with a quick-opening interface and a hose.The body is divided into three layers inside and outside, and the outer layer is insulated with glass fiber, which consumes little energy.Intermediate jacket heating water circulation;Put the material in the inner layer.

The design principle of filtration, washing and drying is that the whole cylinder is designed and made according to the pressure vessel, and the whole working process can work in a closed environment.In the filtration stage, vacuum is mainly pumped at the bottom of the tank. In order to improve the filtration efficiency, positive pressure can be applied in the tank, generally no more than 0.1mpa.After the filter cake is drained, the filter cake can be loosened by the inverse cutting and lifting of The S-shaped paddle due to its high density.In the washing process, the forward turning and lifting of S-shaped blade will play a role in stirring, making the washing liquid and materials fully washed.

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